Membership Information


The U.S. Federation of Battodo is open to any individual, group, or dojo that is committed to supporting the Federation and its ideals and goals.

Admission to the Federation is attained by completing the application form and submitting it to the Federation Membership Committee. There are two types of Federation membership: individual and dojo. Practitioners and groups without a dojo affiliation are welcome to become individual members!


Individual Membership

Benefits of individual membership include:

  • Instruction in the Shoden Seitei Kata and Chuden Seitei Kata of the Zen Nihon Batto Do Renmei

  • Introduction to and instruction in tameshigiri (test cutting)

  • Dan rank testing and certification

  • Participation at U.S. Federation of Battodo sponsored events, such as seminars and tournaments

  • Receipt of a membership booklet keeping track of events and seminars taken

  • Welcome to visit and train at other member dojos


Dojo Membership

Benefits of dojo membership include:

  • Assistance with learning and teaching Federation kata and tameshigiri

  • Opportunity to host a USFBD seminar

  • Assistance in putting together tournaments and events

  • Listed as a member dojo on the USFBD website

  • Participation in the annual Federation newsletter

  • Promotional assistance through social media

Membership Dues

  • New Membership / Unranked Annual Renewal – $20

  • Ranked Annual Renewal – $30

  • Dojo Registration Fee – $100

Payments can be made through the Paypal buttons on the right, or via check. Please make checks payable to:

U.S. Federation of Batto Do, Inc.
P.O. Box 60891
Palm Bay, FL 32906-0891