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East Coast Tai Kai

A reminder that registration is open for the 2015 East Coast Tai Kai. Dates are August 27, 28, & 29, 2015 in Melbourne, Florida. This event is sanctioned by the USFBD, which means your dues help make it possible. But, we need more than just passive support; we need your attendance to really make this event a success. Here is why you should make the scene:

This is the premier Federation event this year with unparalleled training opportunities. Hataya Sensei and Sakaida Sensei are coming in from Japan to teach, and our list of American instructors includes Bob Elder Sensei, Carl McClafferty Sensei, Carl Long Sensei, Dave Drawdy Sensei, and Pete Campbell Sensei. Two days of seminars gives you access to kata and cutting instruction you just can't get anywhere else.

These are some of the most down-to-earth, genuine people you'll ever run across. Having a drink with and listening to them talk swords is well worth the effort and expense of your attendance.

Here's the rundown: two days of seminars; shinsa (dan rank testing) for three organizations - USFBD, ZNTIR, and ZNBDR, the Tai Kai on Saturday, and boisterous carousing whenever possible. The hotel is on the beach, the venue is just across the street, Disney and other Orlando attractions are about an hour away.

No need to wait: Click over to and get yourself registered.

East Coast Tai Kai was a great success! Thank you to Tom Smyth sensei and the members who helped put this together. Thank you to the guest instructors who came from all over the United States. The U.S. Battodo Federation was happy to be the main sponsor and supporter for such a great event.

Great memories were made from this event!

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East Coast Tai Kai
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